NSCTA Awards Nomination Form


Gerald S. Oswald Outstanding Service Award
This award is given to persons who have demonstrated truly outstanding dedication to the discipline of speech communication. The award is reserved for those persons retiring, leaving the state, or changing assignments. The award may be presented posthumously.


John Thurber Distinguished Teacher Award
This award is given to persons who have been teaching for longer than seven years at the elementary, secondary, or university level. The honor is designed to recognize individuals who have displayed exceptional teaching ability, innovation in teaching methods, and contributions to the growth and professionalism of organizations in speech communications and/or publications.


Dale E. Black Outstanding Young Teacher of Speech & Theatre Award
Two awards may be given: one from the elementary/secondary and one from the college/university level. "Young" is defined as having a maximum of seven years (including the present year) of teaching experience (not including student teaching or teaching as a graduate student). The award is given for such traits as enthusiasm for work, scholarly integrity, knowledge of subject matter, innovation, ability to motivate and stimulate students, worthy goals in teaching, and professional promise including such areas as involvement in professional associations, research, and writing. Primary emphasis will be given to the individual's classroom performance. Other areas (e.g. extracurricular activities) will be given secondary consideration.

Outstanding Administrator Award
This award is granted to school administrators that have shown a great support of and dedication to the Fine Arts, including speech, debate, and theatre in our schools. It may be given to individuals in administrative positions at the elementary, secondary or college/university levels.