NSCTA Website F.A.Q.

[This FAQ is a work in progress.  If you have a question you think should be included, submit it here.

  1. What is it?
    The website is the virtual home of the Nebraska Speech Communication and Theatre Association.
  2. What's here?
    The website hosts content from its members that furthers the goals and objectives of the NSCTA.  This includes public meeting minutes, recorder notes from educational sessions at the NSCTA convention, a discussion forum open to the public, and various support materials only available to NSCTA members
  3. Why is it here?
    The NSCTA website was develop to be a resource and communication tool for the members of the NSCTA.
  4. Who comes here?
    Individuals interested in speech, debate, theatre, and the education of these disciplines at the middle school, high school and college/university level in the state of Nebraska.
  5. How do I find things?
    The NSCTA website uses layered and content driven menus.  This means the menus on pages change based on the content of a specific page.  This means it may take you a couple of links to find the information you're looking for.