Calling all judges—new, novice, experienced, and veteran!!  NSCTA (with the blessings and support of NSAA) will be conducting our first ever JUDGES TRAINING WORKSHOP.   Our goal is to go beyond what the online test offers—by helping judges to know and apply the rules consistently in all the events, to understand the role and responsibilities of a judge, and to write effective, instructive ballots.


With those goals in mind, this workshop will cover these issues and also provide an opportunity to judge student speakers (in both public address and interpretation events), followed by ballot-writing tips and open-forum discussion. 


NSAA is also offering a generous incentive for first-time judges:  Attend this workshop, and the $25 fee for becoming a registered NSAA judge will be waived (although you will still be expected to pass the test and watch the online PowerPoint). Experienced judges will still pay the fee online to become NSAA-certified, but are encouraged to attend the workshop.  We welcome and encourage your input!  If all goes as planned, we’re hoping that eventually NSAA will consider judges’ attendance at this training as a factor when making district and State judging assignments.


Make plans to attend!  The workshop will be held on Saturday, September 27 as part of NSCTA’s fall convention in Grand Island.  



Details about the Judge Training and the NSCTA Convention will follow soon.