Thursday, September 25th

7:00pm Early Registration

8:00pm Executive Meeting

8:00pm Social Time

Friday, September 26th

7:00am Registration
8:00am District Meeting: Meet and Greet with district reps


8:30am Session 1

*New Coaches Workshop

Presenter- Brenda Larabee, Lynn Hoffman and Mitch Hofer
A chat with two coaches who have "been there, done that" in order to build a successful speech and one-act program.

*Ethics and Internet

Presenter- Brian Mohr and AJ Johnson
The Internet offers our students plenty of opportunities to gather quality research and to learn from others speakers and performers; however, recently, a trend of performing carbon copies of YouTube videos and taking content from supporting materials without citation has developed with the Nebraska speech circuit. Why is this trend occuring? How is it influencing our activity? How can speech coaches and judges help to foster ethical behaviors among our students? This panel will focus on these questions.

*NeSA Writing

Presenter- Dr. Foy and Jarod Ockander

Receive training, tips and techniques to maximize your NeSA Writing student performance.

*Stage Combat

Presenter-Harris Smith, UNL Stage Combat Professor, Associate Professor
Head and Professional Actor Training Program
Faster doesn’t always mean better. We will focus on a few unarmed techniques and how to make those techniques believable to an audience. We will explore how character, text, genre and style can impact how a fight may be choreographed and ultimately performed.

9:30am Session 2


Presenter- Patsy Koch Johns, Jan Bretz and Randy Bretz

What is it about TEDx presentations that people, especially our teachers find so fascinating? No doubt, across Nebraska, nearly every day there are people watching and teachers sharing TEDx videos in their classes. Why is that? And, just where do they come from? The answer is the TED talks present some thought provoking ideas and they originate from all over the world, including right here in Nebraska. TEDx, an event that was initiated in 2011 among a small group in Lincoln, has grown to include two major live events with a vision to give Nebraskans an opportunity to share ideas and performances that can contribute to a better world


*SpeechWire Tournament Software

Presenter-Ben Stewart-Matt H

Founder Ben Stewart will share some of the highlights of his program, including customizations already in place for Nebraska speech, as well as new features for the upcoming season.

*Parliamentary Debate for the Debate/Speech Classroom

Presenter -- Spencer Waugh, Simpson College -- Indianola, IA and members of the Simpson College Debate Team

If you are looking for an alternative for teaching argumentation and speaking skills for your speech, oral communication or debate classes this session will be one you don't want to miss.  Simpson College Speech and Debate coach, Spencer Waugh, and members of the nationally award winning Simpson College Speech/Debate Team will be doing exhibition debates along with discussing the usefulness of this type of debate in the classroom. 

*All the Right Junk in All the Right Places

Presenters- Tyler Thompson, Brian Mohr, Angela Kramer

Share tips for creating competitive visual aids for a visually mediated society.

10:30am District Meeting


11:00am Keynote & Luncheon

Keynote Speaker: Skip Altig, Retired Teacher & Coach from North Platte High School


1:00pm Session 3

*Nebr. Writing Project

Presenter- Jan Knispel, Janelle Stoger and Brenda Larabee

The Nebraska Writing Project, a network of professional educators and affiliated writers, provides opportunities to improve, enhance and celebrate writing for classrooms and communities across Nebraska. Come find out how you and your students can benefit fro the NeWP experience.

*One-Act 101

Presenter- Patsy Koch Johns and Becky Stahr
Take a trip into Play Production 101, learn the tricks and gadgets it took of us years to learn. The tips we use we learned by making mistakes.  You don't have to make those mistakes.  You can start off miles ahead of us.  We will take the time to answer your questions, share a laugh or two, and maybe share some great ideas that you can use this year!

*Argumentation and Debate Across the Curriculum

Presenter -- Spencer Waugh, Simpson Debate Coach

Blurb -- The focus on argumentation skills has been increasingly noticeable in the creation of curricular study in the English, speech and debate classroom.  Join Simpson College debate coach Spencer Waugh as he discusses the use of argumentation and debate in a variety of classroom scenarios.  From the basic speech class to AP Literature, there will be something for everyone. 

*NIETOC- The National Individual Events Tournament of Champions: "The Experience" is coming to Lincoln!

Presenter-Demond Wilson and Matt Heimes

President Demond Wilson will share the vision and mission of this national organization, while Vice President Matt Heimes will explain the qualification process so attendees can register their team members for the 2015 national tournament in Lincoln, Nebraska.

1:50 pm Session 4

*Promote your Program

Presenter-Jeffrey Horner
Do you ever feel like some of your school doesn't even know your fine arts programs actually exist? Do you wish people knew the great things you are accomplishing? Come find out ideas about promoting your program so that your drama students get the recognition they deserve.


*Use Podium

Presenter-Jonathan Anderson

Use Podium is technology that finally provides your team tangible results. After using the relatively unknown program for half of last season, to great success, Jonathan Anderson of Kearney High School is excited to share the numerous possibilities with you and your team! Podium allows for improved, intensely focused rehearsal critiques, and an innovative ability to broaden your coaching staff. Students view their performance from a  new perspective while evaluating multiple critiques to take their performance to the next level.

*Congress Work Session

Presenters -- Delta Fajardo, Hastings High School,  Doug Frank, Millard South High School.  Sam Segrist, Lincoln Southeast High School
The state of congressional debate in our state is in need of some revitalization. This session will give speech/debate coaches the opportunity to discuss the current use of the Hastings High School Congress website and provide some alternatives to the current format of congressional debate in the state. Please bring a laptop or other personal technological device if possible

*One Act - Taking your One-Act Play to the Next Level

Presenter-Demond Wilson

Demond Wilson is a multi-state-champion one-act play director from Dallas, Texas, and the owner of The Perfect Performance, an acting/interpretation consulting business. Demond will be examining proven techniques for maximizing student performance, as well as sharing directing tips on getting the most out of the one-act play experience


*Google Docs: Google Tools for the Classroom

Presenter- Mickie Mueller, Educational Technology Facilitator for Norfolk Public Schools and an authorized Google Education Trainer. Google tools hold a wealth of possibilities for use by teachers in the classroom. If you are part of a Google Apps for Education district or just have a personal Google account, you can still use Google tools to make your job as a teacher easier. Learn time saving tips and tricks for Drive, take a look at Google Classroom and start fiddling with Forms. You will be ready to drink the Google Kool-Aid after this session!

2:40pm Session 5

*Google Docs: Using Google Tools to Increase Team Productivity and Communication

Presenter- Mickie Mueller, Educational Technology Facilitator for Norfolk Public Schools and an authorized Google Education Trainer. Learn how to take Google Tools to the next level and boost your team's productivity and communication. See how Norfolk Senior High speech and debate coaches are harnessing the power of these tools to communicate and collaborate with their teams.

*Financial Planning

Presenter- Josh Wilcox is a Financial Adviser with The Ameritas Financial Center. Josh will be presenting on the importance of retirement planning at any age. From your first day of work to your last, retirement planning should be an important part of your financial plan. With a focus on the unique needs of teachers, Josh will discuss important aspects of planning at the various stages of your life and career.

*Extemp Topic Analysis

Presenter- Steve Foral

Steve will talk about his Extemp Workbook and Topic Analysis.

*Communication Skills

Presenter- Deb Whitt of Wayne State and Melissa Lemke-Elznic from Northeast Community College

What business and colleges are looking for from High School graduates! Join college professors and local business leaders.


3:30pm Focus

4:30pm Advocacy

5:00pm Business Meeting

6:00pm Cash Bar & Appetizers


7:00pm GILT's "Leaving Iowa" Performance at College Park

Saturday, September 27th

8:30am Session 6

* Twice the Fun: Creating Dynamic Duets

Presenter-Matt Heimes and Demond Wilson

Matt Heimes of Lincoln Southwest and Demond Wilson of The Perfect Performance are pairing up to bring you some helpful hints by pointing out the benefits of combining the techniques of both Duo Interp and Duet Acting.

* Musical Theater Direction and Choreography

Presenter-Brian Botsford and Kamara Graves of Crane River Theater

Directing a musical can be an intimidating process.  This workshop will lead you through the essential steps needed to effectively incorporate music and dance into your show.  Participants will leave with the knowledge of how to choose the right show, approach the music from a theatrical perspective, and find choreography that uniquely fits the talents of your students.  

* Middle School

Presenter- Brian Mohr, Amber Doughty and Rachel Fox        
Middle School is a time of self discovery and identity formation but also a time of insecurity. If done right, speech and drama can help students to find their voice. This panel discusses how to set up a speech and drama program at your middle school, finding tournaments, and hosting tournaments.                           

9:30am Session 7

* Set Fire to Your Extemp Program

Presentors-Rachel Haider and Jodi Meyer

"Are paper file boxes water-logging your students? Does their question analysis seem soggy? Come hear about E-filing Extemp files using Google Drive and Evernote. Before you know it your Extemp program will be all dried out and ready to blaze trails to State!"


*OID Cutting and Coaching

Presenter- Matt Eledge
Oral Interpretation of Drama is an incredibly daunting event to coach. However, when executed nicely, OID can become an iconic performance that attracts a very large audience. Matthew Eledge, head speech coach at Omaha Skutt Catholic, will share the step-by-step process he uses to tackle this intricate and overwhelming event.

* A Simple Guide to Building Scenery, Constructing Props and Painting Sets

Presenter-Bob Heiden and Steve Barth of Crane River Theatre

Bring your show to life with a simple idea, everyday items and a touch of paint.  The directors and designers of Crane River Theater in Kearney will guide you through a step by step process that explores the basics of conceptualizing your next production, exploring the creativity of props construction and learning essential scene painting techniques.  This workshop is a must for those wishing to build that amazing set on a limited budget with limited resources.


10:30-12:30pm Judges Training

Our goal is to go beyond what the online test offers—by helping judges to know and apply the rules consistently in all the events, to understand the role and responsibilities of a judge, and to write effective, instructive ballots. With those goals in mind, this workshop will cover these issues and also provide an opportunity to judge student speakers (in both public address and interpretation events), followed by ballot-writing tips and open-forum discussion.


12:30-12:45pm Working Lunch Break


12:45-3:00pm Judges Training Continues


3:00pm Executive Meeting