Below is the schedule for the 2012 NSCTA Convention with session descriptions.  Lots to do!


Thursday, September 27

Registration                Lobby                

Come and register for the convention before the rules meeting, during it, or right after it!  Registration will be right across from the front desk for those checking into the hotel.

7:00 PM
NSAA Rules Meeting        Azalea/Bamboo

This session will serve as an official NSAA rules meeting for judges and coaches.  Deb Velder will present new rules information for the upcoming year.

8:15 PM
NSCTA Executive Committee Meeting    Hibiscus


Friday, September 28

7:00 AM
Registration                Lobby

Come down or in to the front lobby to network, pick up goodies, meet colleagues(new and old), visit vendors, and grab something to eat and drink before starting off on a day of fun and learning.

8:00-8:50 AM
New Coaches Workshop               Jasmine

A chat with two coaches who have "been there, done that" in order to build a successful speech and one-act program.
Presenters: Gailen Volquardsen- Leigh; Taryn Retzlaff- Auburn;
Recorder: Jerralynn Moser- Litchfield

Share the Love/Share the Extemp    Hibiscus

This session will demonstrate setting up a framework for creating a digital extemp file.  It’s really not nearly as scary as it seems.  Everyone’s doing it, and Nebraska should too!  Come find out how and why your kids should carry laptops(or iPads(or tablets))rather than hundreds of pounds of paper.
Presenter: Chris Begeman-Norfolk
Recorder:  Tom Cosenza- Scribner-Snyder

Making Theatre Fun!    Camelia    

Come explore what makes theater fun. Steve Barth, New York director and founder of Crane River Theater, will guide you through the essentials that every high school actor needs to know. Learn how to help your students audition, approach a script, tackle a character, and discover what theater can do for them.
Presenter: Steve Barth-Crane River
Recorder:Cheryl Aubery-Adams Central

Student Congress        Dahlia    

Presenter: Janet Rose

9:00-9:50 AM
District Meetings        See Below

Meet with colleagues from your NSAA District to discuss issues facing your disciplines/activities and to network.  Check your name tag for your district number
District 1-  Jasmine;
District 2- Hibiscus;
District 3- Camelia;     
District 4- Ginger;
District 5- Dahlia;
District 6- Azalea/Bamboo;

10:00-10:50 AM
Poetry Recitation            Hibiscus

Whether it's slam poetry, the Louder Than A Bomb Project, or the Poetry Out Loud National Recitation Contest, poetry as a Spoken Art is making an impressive comeback.  This workshop will give participants new and different ideas for addressing poetry not on the page but "on the stage."  Using theatre techniques, oral interp and the somewhat quaint study of "recitation," this session will get you ready to turn students on to the exciting world of "the Spoken Word."   Poetry is looking better than it has in a long time!
Presenter: Pippa White- Nebraska Arts Council

Mock Trial             Jasmine    

An activity sponsored by the Nebraska State Bar Foundation and its State Center for Law-Related Education, Mock Trial is a popular competition amongst many schools across Nebraska.  Join Bar Foundation Executive Director Doris Huffman and veteran mock trial coaches Doug Frank and Mary Rau for a panel discussion about Mock Trial and how it can benefit your speech program.
Presenters: Mary Rau- Ainsworth; Doug Frank-Millard South; Doris Huffman-Bar Foundation
Recorder: Mock Trial

NeSa Reading Assessment        Camelia

Presenter: Valorie Foy- Nebraska -Department of Education;
Recorder:  Jessica Schlichtemeier- Conestoga

Beauty and the Beast        Dahlia

Presenters: Steve Foral; Peggy Belt- Norfolk
Recorder: Christy Clay- Keya Paha


11:00-11:50 AM
Keynote Address        Paradise 4    

Presenter:Bryan Hagg- University of Nebraska-Omaha


12:00-12:50 PM
Awards Luncheon        Paradise 4       

All attendees are welcome to dine and attend the awards luncheon as we honor our fellow colleagues for their service to and their excellence in our disciplines.


1:00-2:20 PM
NeSa Writing Assessment       Jasmine

Presenter: Edward Foy- Nebraska Department of Education
Recorder: Jessica Schlictemeir- Conestoga

Live Judging Session      Azalea/Bamboo

No matter how many open-book tests we take or how many years of experience we bring to the table, we may never all agree in our evaluations of speakers. But talking about our decision-making process is a start. If you'd like to gain some insight into other judges' thinking, join us as we provide three students' live performances, followed by an open-forum discussion.
Presenters: Tammy Schindler- Plainview; Jarod Ockander- David City; Jeff Horner- Minden;
Recorder:Emily Houdersheldt, Wayne Sate

Debate Forum        Camelia

Presenter: Toni Heimes- Lincoln Southwest;
Recorder: Fred Robertson-Millard West

Oral Interpretation of Drama   Dahlia

It’s true: Group events, like Oral Interpretation of Drama, can be some of the most challenging, yet equally rewarding, events to coach. If done well, they can yield savory results at all levels of competition. But, often, getting there is the toughest part: Finding the perfect script, cutting it, casting the characters, and creating visionary and effective blocking can be enough to make even the stoutest speech coach contemplate throwing in the towel. But, it needn’t be that way. Gering High School varsity speech coach Tyler Thompson will offer his insight about coaching OID, relating what he has learned through his experiences as both a performer and, now, a coach of two state championship groups (2011 and 2012). So, grab some friends, and plan to attend this brief coaches’ seminar designed specifically to enhance your team’s performance in OID—you won’t regret it."
Presenter: Tyler Thompson-Gering
Recorder:    Kourtney Sayers, Clearwater-Orchard


Middle School Speech Programs          Jasmine    

Filled with a mixture of insecurity, inhibition, and identity formation, middle school aged students are a perfect group to be involved with public speaking activities.  These educators have had the experience of starting up middle school speech programs and have lived through the experience.  They’ll share their experiences of how to start a program, how to manage it, how to run festivals/tournament, and  how the experience helped the kids involved.
Presenters:Jerrita Staehr- Trinity Lutheran; Brian Mohr- GICC; Tom Cosenza- Scriber-Snyder
Recorder: Pam Fallon- Hartington Cedar Catholic

Debate Forum        Camelia

Presenter: Toni Heimes-Lincoln Southwest;
Recorder: Fred Robertson-Millard West

Interpretation        Hibiscus    

Presenter: Bryan Hagg- University of Nebraska Omaha
Recorder: Janet Rose

Posterboard Sessions      Azalea/Bamboo

Get some high concentrated doses of great information is short 15 minute posterboard sessions!
Poetry Outloud- Pippa White
Mock Trial- Mary Rau and Doug Frank
Theatre on a Budget-  Patsy Koch Johns
Crane River- Steve Barth


3:45-4:45 PM
Focus Groups         Miscellaneous

Join colleagues in your specific field to discuss issues and concerns facing your activity/discipline.
Forensics-   Jasmine
Theatre- Hibiscus
Debate- Dahlia
Curriculum-  Camelia


5:00-6:00 PM
Advocacy Committee        Hibiscus

Committee chairs will take ideas brought up at focus groups.


6:00 PM
Dinner/State of the State Address        Paradise 4

For those pre-registered for the evening banquet, come enjoy food and conversation and listen to NSCTA President Jarod Ockander deliver his State of the State Address.


7:00 PM
Evening Entertainment-Pippa White          Paradise 4    

Everyone is welcome to attend renowned performer and educator Pippa White perform her one person show “As Far as the Eye Could See.”  It’ll be a great show!


9:00-11:00 PM
President's Reception          Paradise 4


Saturday, September 29


General Session        Azalea/Bamboo

Exploring the ? Spot    Jasmine    

Have you ever had difficulty reaching the climax?  Scenes have their highs and lows, but often times it can be difficult to reach those moments of high dramatic tension naturally.  Through an exploration of character analysis and the “thoughts behind the lines,” you will learn how to guide your actors to a realistic betrayal of tension instead of just imposing it artificially on the scene.  Adam Peterson holds an MFA in Theatre Directing from East 15 acting school in London and has studied at the Russian Academy of Fine Arts in Moscow and the Indonesian Institute of the Arts in Bali.
Presenter: Adam Peterson- NECC

Coaching Extemp        Hibiscus         

Tips on coaching the event you hate to coach.  A few tricks and tips to coaching Extemporaneous Speaking.  Many coaches are afraid to coach this event or just not interested into all the work it entails to coach it well.  Some tips to not only coach the event well, but save your sanity along the way.
Presenter: Nicholas Owen-  Salina Central
Recorder: Jerralyn Moser-Litchfield

Ethics in Our Activities            Camelia

Presenters: Julie Harley- Ewing; Brian Gibson- Northwest;
Recorder: Candace Cain-Burwell


Musical Theatre                 Jasmine

Presenter: Lee Meyer-Midland University
Recorder:Kristen Grant- Wayne State

Oration                              Hibiscus

The great equalizer.  No matter you school or program size, you can find success in Oration.  Of all the events, this is the one equalizer.  How to help you students succeed in this event and watch your program flourish with the success.
Presenter: Nicholas Owen- Salina Central

Developing Listening Skills for Critical Thinking   Camelia                                     

This session provides a study of listening/feedback behavior from a cognitive and skills-based perspective as an integral part of the communication process.  The focus is on development of listening/feedback skills, and an awareness of barriers to effective listening and feedback.
Presenters:  Melissa L. Beall, University of Northern Iowa;Dwight Harfield, Consultant, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Recorder:Desiree Welty, Wayne State


NSCTA Business Luncheon

NSCTA Executive Committee Meeting